ABOUT Emily Merideth Forsythe, LPC-Intern

under Heather McPherson, LPC-Supervisor

For the last several years, Emily has worked as an advocate for change. Prior to counseling, she taught at both the high school and collegiate levels helping non-traditional learners and their parents and guardians navigate issues with policy and social challenges. As a therapist, she has been able to address similar issues through a more focused, individual lens, helping clients navigate decision making from a whole-world perspective.


             Emily works primarily from a narrative view-point; the stories and legends that define who we are can be re-told to move us forward, instead of bog us down in our histories. She believes that within each of us, there is the opportunity to examine these stories, decide if they are accurate, and if not, work towards transformation into the person we wish to be. The road-blocks are rarely external, and therefore, overcome-able.


             Clients who identify as LGBTQ or who live or participate in non-mainstream life-styles or relationships are Emily’s primary clientele. Additionally, clients who are ‘therapy veterans’ or are looking for alternative therapeutic viewpoints and desire a collaborative process tend to work well with Emily. 





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