Storm Shelter

Multiple Discovery or Synchronicity: described as ‘the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons) or ideas that seem related or similar but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality’ – Jung is credited with observing the notion, perhaps he’s simply best known.

This week, I’ve witnessed this occurrence repeatedly: manifesting as an unwillingness to move from one’s current status, it’s been described by several folks as the ‘eye of the storm’, ‘riding the fence’, ‘parking on the side of the highway’ and ‘tapping out for a while’. Each of these people, for a multitude of reasons, are choosing to – completely independently of each other –pause before making a big decision. With varying states of self-awareness, they recognize that they’re in this position, and believe that any action they take will hurt more than remaining still.

There are two things about this that prompt reflection: the first is that the only common denominator they have is me, besides the surrounding national culture. As I find it seriously unlikely that I have that much influence over all these people, I have to lean on Jung’s concept of synchronicity: that for whatever reason, across many demographics, a predominant compulsion is to remain ‘on hold’ until… when?

Which leads to my second quandary: why? Fall is usually a time of change – new school years, holiday ramp-ups, the weather. People are more likely to apply for a new job, to start a health kick, to change up family responsibilities, and to start counseling. It’s busier and instead of making plans a week or two ahead of time, people are looking further, often months at a time.

So what is it about this Fall?

In each instance, the decision involves personal risk: a relationship might end, a job could be lost, a medical treatment might not work… the underlying belief that doing nothing has got to be better than risking harm is winning some war where I can’t see all the combatents.

What does your storm look like? Are you parked on the service road, waiting it out? If so, you’re not alone, we all have fences to ride, it seems.

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